Re-arranging the Fine Arts business into a new ecosystem based on education. An ambitious target delivered through Centers and Museums built throught the world. Polyseum offers top-class art exhibitions supported by private collectors. Polylab is our creative hub engaging young talent through masterclasses, technology and creative programs, supported by professionals and Government.

Our permanent fundraising initiative, driven by Fine Arts. We do not accept cash but just artworks, offered by fellow art collectors. Their art pieces populate exhibitions and auctions in our Centers, supporting our cultural initiatives. Donors are automatically enrolled in the Polyseum Society program, gathering the top 500 art collectors in the World.

Art4Life is our answer to COVID-19. An emergency fundraiser based on art pieces donated by collectors and artists to our auction online. The proceeds will be donated to the World Health Organisation, supporting frontline medical personnel in the fight against Coronavirus. A catalogue and an online exhibition will celebrate both, donors and buyers.


Poly-art, poly-national, poly-specialty, poly-audience. Polyseum is the first multi path Fine Arts Experience Center in the world. Committed to excellence in Fine Arts, Polyseum has a vision: Building a new ecosystem for Fine Arts, based on education.


Polyseum is a centre of excellence for Fine Arts and PolyLab is its creative hub for performing arts. Our “Artist in residence” programs will host artists from all over the world. Poylab is a beacon for young talent, fostering modern initiatives in cooperation with participating Government entities.


The Polyseum Society is an independent membership-based British charity, gathering 500 World top private Art collectors. The Society serves collectors interested in a non-commercial, not-for profit, unbiased professional support for their art passion. Members will be invited to support Polyseum by lending some of their art pieces and expertise to our educational initiatives. In turn, members will enjoy a private art marketplace, personalised evaluations for their collection and financial programs such as art lending.


Presenting Art4Life: an online auction of artwork pieces donated by benefactor collectors and artists. Proceedings will be given to the World Health Organisation and the United Nations Foundation to support the fight against Coronavirus. The answer of the world of Art and culture to our unprecedented times. The Art4Life Relief Auction is a fundraising initiative specifically addressed to the community of art collectors. The proceeds from all sales will be donated to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund


Developing collaboration with experts and educators in Fine Arts, creative Arts and moving Images will boost the creative industry capital in the region. We propose culture interchange programs based on masterclasses, within our Polyseum platform, developing a new cultural infrastructure.


Entertaining high-level conversations between Government and all other institutional bodies involved in order to achieve the goal to promote and foster the education of young talented people.